The iosTM Window System

Suitable for internal or external screen applications

The ios Window System includes an integrated insect and security screen housing that allows easy fitting of screens to the frame.

Screens can be installed from within the building and are positioned so that they will not interfere with the operation of the louvre blades.

ios Inside Screen Slide Handle

Inside Screen with Slide Handle

ios Window System Inside Screen, Glazing to Outside of Frame.

ios Outside Screen with Standard Handle

Inside Screen with Inside Handle

ios Window System Inside Screen, Glazing to Inside of Frame.

ios Outside Screen with Standard Handle

Outside Screen with Standard Handle

ios Window System Outside Screen, Glazing to Inside of Frame.

ios Window System Dimensions


ios Louvre Window System
ios Louvre Window System
ios Accessories
ios Accessories

ios Standard Heights

While Altair Louvre Windows can be manufactured in any size specified, the wind and water rating for the building project will affect the maximum allowable window height and bay width. Please refer to the Altair Product Performance Warranty for technical information.

For standard heights in the Breezway ios Frame please see the size chart to the right. Off Standard heights are available but this will add cost and result in a fixed louvre blade to act as a filler piece.

Please note:

  • Standard Heights are measured from the lowest visible metal to the uppermost visible metal of the frame and excludes fins.
  • Off Standard Heights that are more than 5mm greater than or less than a Standard Height will have a top fixed blade to achieve the specified height. Off Standard heights that are within 5mm of a Standard Height will not have a fixed top blade.

ios Widths

There are no standard Altair Louvre widths. The desired window width can be achieved through multiple louvre bays (maximum bay width is 4000mm). The bay width may be affected by Building code rules. Please discuss with your Breezway Dealer and builder.

No. of BladesStandard Height
152mm Blades

View/download ios Standard Height Chartsmall-pdf4

Technical Drawings

NOTE: You can use your mouse to hover over the preview screen inside the table below to identify each CAD drawing prior to downloading the file.

Altair® Louvre CAD Drawings


Breezway offers a collection of CAD drawings for the complete Altair Louvre product range.

Altair 152 in ios Inside Screen Frame with Glass or Aluminium Blades - Includes Model, Elevation View, Front View, Plan View and Specification.DWG & PDF
Altair 152 in ios Outside Screen Frame with Glass or Aluminium Blades - Includes Model, Elevation View, Front View, Plan View and Specification.DWG & PDF

Blade Formulas

For allowable length of blades refer to the Breezway Product Performance Warranty.

NOTE: Allowable tolerance = +/-0.6mm

Breezway ios Window System
Actual Height / Standard HeightDim. A
Dim. B Overall HeightDim. A + 40mm
Frame widthDim. C
ios Frame: Glass and aluminium blade lengthDim. C - 77mm

Extension Blade Formulas

Extension Blade Formulas ios Frame
Glass & Aluminium Bladesx = Channel extension +20mm

Size Range ios


Note: Flatness tolerance of +/- 0.35mm per metre.

View/download ios Blade Formulassmall-pdf4

Installation Instructions

Technical Papers

An Industry Guide to the correct Fixing of Windows & Doors

Fixing of Windows & Doorssmall-pdf4

An Industry Guide to the correct Installation of Windows & Doors

Installation of Windows & Doorssmall-pdf4

Installation Instructional Videos

The Australian Window Association (AWA) has prepared an industry guide on the correct installation of Windows & Doors in different types of construction. You can view the complete range of typical methods used via the AWA YouTube channel or please view the videos below.


Altair Louvre Window Recommended Specifications

A tight specification will help to make sure that what you specify ends up in your building thereby achieving your design objectives.

The louvre windows shall be Breezway Altair Louvre Windows

Unique features:

  • Patented drainage channels for superior water performance.
  • Patented ‘Living Hinge’ design that pulls the clips tightly against the channel when closed for superior water performance and air infiltration.
  • Passed testing to 40,000 open/close cycles for long operational life.
  • Altair Louvres have passed AS2047 testing at 3,000mm high.

View/download Altair Louvre Window Specificationssmall-pdf4