Breezway PowerlouvreTM System

Automated Louvres
The award winning Altair® Powerlouvre™ Window displays pure elegance with no visual indication of any external rods or automated device making this product a stylish option for contemporary residential or commercial building designs.


Superior aesthetics with low voltage motors concealed within the frame and no unsightly control rods.


When designing your building consider the way you operate your louvre windows within reach or up high.


Easily operate with a touch of a button, or automatically in anticipation of needs, not in response to them.


Operate Powerlouvres up high more frequently by removing the need for awkward map rods to operate manual handles.

Designed for easy installation

Powerlouvre Windows remove the complexity of sourcing special trades to install the system and are ideal for a range of design applications such as high out-of-reach locations or as floor-to-ceiling feature windows. By operating the Powerlouvre Window with the Apptivate Control Unit, you can benefit from the following features listed adjacent or below.

*Please note: The Apptivate Control Unit is temporarily unavailable to order. We recommend operation by bell press switches or through a building management system.

Touch Control

A standard sized, touch sensitive wall switch for easy use. Single touch to fully open, fully close or open to an intermediate position.

Multiple Choice

Single and dual channel models available for individual requirements. Can operate multiple Powerlouvre Windows for maximum ventilation.


Bluetooth® Smart module to permit control by and communication with compatible smartphones and tablets.

Temperature Sensor

Automatic operation in response to an in-built temperature sensor that allows rooms to be cooled or windows closed to retain warmth when required.

Timer Control

Automatic operation in response to pre-set timers which allows windows to be set to operate in anticipation of the building occupant’s daily routine.

Night Mode

Adjust the brightness of the LED light to minimise potential sleep disruptions overnight.

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Powerlouvre brochure

Breezway Powerlouvre Window Brochure.
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PowerlouvreTM App

  • Remote opening and closing of each *Apptivate Control Unit. The range of the Bluetooth signal is approximately 10m – 20m. (The range will be maximised by having a clear line of sight to the Apptivate Control Unit.)
  • Set automatic operation in response to the Apptivate in-built temperature sensor and timers to naturally cool or retain warmth when required.
  • ‘Night mode’ adjusts the brightness of the Apptivate Unit LED lights overnight.
  • A single command can open or close all Powerlouvre Windows in range.
  • For easy identification personalise the names of Apptivate Control Units and channels controlled by the Powerlouvre App.
  • Provides feedback of the open/close position of connected Powerlouvre Windows.

*Please note: The Apptivate Control Unit is temporarily unavailable to order. We recommend operation by bell press switches or through a building management system.

NOTE: The PowerlouvreTM App is available for download on the iTunes App Store for ios users and the Google Play Store for Android users.
Breezway Powerlouvre Apptivate control demonstration
Powerlouvre App video demonstration.

Powerlouvre App Operation

The *Apptivate Control Unit includes a Bluetooth Smart module which allows wireless communication between the Apptivate Control Unit and a compatible device running the Powerlouvre App.

*Please note: The Apptivate Control Unit is temporarily unavailable to order. We recommend operation by bell press switches or through a building management system.

Compatible devices

Compatible devices will have Bluetooth Smart modules installed and have an iOS or Android operating system. Devices include:

Apple products running iOS 7 or newer:

  • iPhone 4s and newer
  • iPad 3 and newer
  • iPad Mini and newer
  • iPod Touch 5

Devices running Android 4.3 and newer, including:

  • Samsung Galaxy Range
  • HTC One, MAX
  • Sony Experia Range
  • Droid RAZR, Ultra, Maxx, Mini
  • Google Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10


Establishing associations between the Powerlouvre App and Apptivate
Control Units requires:

  • Close physical proximity between the Powerlouvre App and the Apptivate Control Unit, and
  • An access code (defined by the first Powerlouvre App to be associated to the Apptivate Control Unit).

If the Access Code is forgotten, a factory reset button can be activated by snapping off the front cover plate of the Apptivate Control Unit and pushing a paperclip through a small hole to hold a button down for a brief period. Security will be maximised by positioning the Apptivate Control Unit in a location that restricts unauthorised access.

If restricting access to the Apptivate Control Unit is not practical then users can seal the hole to block access to the factory reset button from the front panel necessitating the unscrewing of the Apptivate Control Unit from the wall in order to carry out a factory reset.

Automatic operation in response to temperature

Temperatures can be set at which the Apptivate Control Unit will:

  • Automatically open the windows to naturally cool the room, or
  • Automatically close the windows to retain warmth within the room.

Automatic response to temperature can be enabled or disabled:

  • Remotely from the Powerlouvre App, or
  • Directly on the Apptivate Control Unit.


  • As the temperature sensor will be located within the wall cavity it may be susceptible to environmental conditions so the temperature readings will be indicative of the air temperature within the room, but will not exactly reflect the air temperature within the room.
  • When responding to temperatures both channels of Dual Channel Apptivate Control Units will respond simultaneously to the temperature sensor.

iPhone detail temp on
iPhone set temp

Automatic operation in response to timers

Timer events (time of day and day of week) can be set to:

  • Open the windows
  • Move the window to an intermediate position
  • Close the windows
  • Begin responding automatically to temperatures.

This allows the windows to be set to operate in anticipation of the building occupant’s daily routine. For example, opening before employees arrive to pre-cool the building, or responding to temperatures from when a homeowner goes to bed so that the windows close when the temperature drops in the early hours of the morning.

iPhone timers

Timer events can be enabled or disabled:

  • Remotely from the Powerlouvre App, or
  • Directly on the Apptivate Control Unit.

This allows timer events to easily be disabled as the homeowner leaves the house or enabled as they arrive home.

Note: When responding to timer events both channels of Dual Channel Apptivate Control Units will respond simultaneously.

Control of multiple Apptivate Control Units

Up to 6 Apptivate Control Units can be associated to each Powerlouvre App allowing building occupants to control windows around their home from their Powerlouvre App.

For ease of identification:

  • Each of the Apptivate Control Units can be given a customised name.
  • Each of the channels of a Dual Channel Apptivate Control Unit can be given a customised name.
  • The Powerlouvre App will indicate any Apptivate Control Units which are out of range, or with which a Bluetooth Smart connection cannot be made.

For maximum control and ease of use, all the Apptivate Control Units associated to a Powerlouvre App can be operated simultaneously or independantly.

iPhone home two PCUs

Control by multiple Powerlouvre Apps

Associations can be established between multiple Powerlouvre Apps and each Apptivate Control Unit, to allow all family members to control the windows from their smartphones.

Note: Only one Powerlouvre App will be able to maintain an active Bluetooth Smart connection with an Apptivate Control Unit at any given time.

For example: Both John and Mary’s Powerlouvre Apps are associated to the Apptivate Control Unit operating the Powerlouvre Windows in their living room. If John opens the windows using his Powerlouvre App, Mary will not be able to close the windows using her Powerlouvre App until John minimises the Powerlouvre App on his smartphone or his smartphone enters ‘sleep’ mode.

Powerlouvre Installation Considerations

Please consider the following prior to installation of the Powerlouvre Window.

Electrical Requirements and Installation

  • Operating voltage: 24V DC
  • Maximum allowed voltage: 29V DC
  • Maximum constant current: 0.25A per motor
  • Maximum startup current: 0.5A per motor
  • Opening time: Approx 14 seconds
  • Working temperature: -20 to +60 degrees Celsius

Note: In extreme cold conditions the windows will not operate if there is excessive ice build up or if the louvre blades are frozen together.

Maximum Constant Current Requirements

Powerlouvre Window TypeMotors per bayMaximum Constant Current RequiredMaximum Instantaneous Start Up Current Required
2-9 Blades High10.25 amps per bay0.4 amps per bay
10-18 Blades High20.5 amps per bay0.8 amps per bay

Breezway Transformers

Breezway supplies transformers (as an optional extra) that have been specified to meet the requirements of Powerlouvre Windows.

  • 240V AC current transformed to 24V DC current.
  • Suitable for powering up to 6 Powerlouvre motors simultaneously.
  • Built-in overload protection to prevent accidental short circuits from damaging the transformer.
  • Transformers do not have an unlimited life and so should be installed in an easily accessible location(e.g. in the roof cavity, or in a cupboard).

Battery Backup

The Powerlouvre Window has no integrated battery back up. If the power supply fails the window cannot be operated. If battery back up is required, systems are readily available and can be integrated by qualified suppliers.

For more information, please read the Battery Backup Technical Bulletin.

Operating Conditions

  • Cyclical open/closed: 30,000 cycles
  • Salt mist: 1,000 hours
  • Extreme humidity: 90% humidity at 35 degrees celcius
  • Extreme heat: 60 degrees celcius
  • Extreme cold: 0 degrees celcius
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: Complies with the requirements of EN61000-6-3 and AS/NZS 4251.1

Powerlouvre Opening Configurations

Powerlouvre Windows that are 2-9 blades high contain one motor per bay and are wired such that the entire window opens and closes simultaneously.

Powerlouvre Windows that are 10-18 blades high contain 2 motors per bay, one motor drives the blades in the top half of the bay and the other motor drives the blades in the bottom half of the bay.

10-18 Blade high Powerlouvre Windows are wired such that the blades in the top halves of all the bays form a bank that opens and closes simultaneously and the blades in the bottom halves of all the bays form a second bank that opens and closes simultaneously.

The top and bottom banks can be operated independently of each other.

Powerlouvre Window Opening Configurations
No. of BladesMotors per bayBanks of Blades Controlled from Head Downwards
1025 5
1125 6
1226 6
1326 7
1427 7
1527 8
1628 8
1728 9
1829 9

Powerlouvre Cabling Requirements

Multiple Windows in parallel

Total wire length does not include the internal wiring of each Powerlouvre Window.

Wire SizeMotorsMax Distance from Power Supply to Motor

Tables calculated using a window current of 0.25A and a voltage drop of 5% or 1 V @ 24V.

Powerlouvre Standard and Off Standard Heights

Powerlouvre Windows are available in the Breezway Easyscreen Window System. Please note there are standard and off standard heights available. For more information, please visit the Easyscreen Window System page.

No. of BladesStandard HeightStandard Height
152mm Blades102mm Blades
14 Ext2100-
16 Ext2400-

Apptivate Control Unit Standard Wiring

Touch sensitive, standard sized wall plate.

Powerlouvre Motors and Apptivate Control Units require 24v DC power. For ease of wiring the *Apptivate Control Unit senses the polarity of the current provided from the transformer and automatically adjusts accordingly.

Up to 6 Powerlouvre Motors can be wired in parallel to each Apptivate Control Unit motor group.

*Please note: The Apptivate Control Unit is temporarily unavailable to order. We recommend operation by bell press switches or through a building management system.

Converting from a Breezway Remote Control to an Apptivate Control Unit

Powerlouvre Windows which are remotely controlled can be updated to allow control by the Powerlouvre Apptivate Control Unit but do require some adjustments to the internal and external wiring of the window.

See pdf link below for more information on converting a Breezway Remote Control to an Apptivate Control Unit Technical Bulletin.

Building Management System Compatibility

The Altair Powerlouvre Window System has been reviewed for compatibility by the leading suppliers of building management systems. When considering integration into a building management system, the following should be considered:

  • Breezway does not supply the various sensors which could be used to instigate opening or closing of the windows (eg temperature or rain sensors).
  • Transformer requirements may differ from the requirements of Powerlouvre Windows controlled by Apptivate Control Units.
  • The Powerlouvre Window System does not include an inbuilt electronic mechanism to inform the building management system of its current open or close position.
  • Powerlouvre Motors include limit switches which prevent the motors from continuing to attempt to open or close the window once the window is fully open or fully closed, thereby preventing damage to the motors and electronics.

Apptivate Control Units are not compatible with building management systems.

See pdf link below for more information on Connecting Altair Powerlouvre Windows to C-Bus Systems Technical Bulletin.


Breezway Powerlouvre Windows should be operated at monthly intervals. Frames should be cleaned periodically as per Breezway Care and Maintenance recommendations.

Installation Notes

The Powerlouvre Apptivate Control Unit is incompatible with some switch mode transformers (eg Meanwell GS40 series) due to excessive electrical noise.

Overtightening the installation screws of an Apptivate Control Units can cause the unit to bend which can cause the touch sensor to malfunction.

Powerlouvre Troubleshooting Guide

Something not working right? Breezway has a troubleshooting guide available to assist you with your Altair Powerlouvre Windows. If you are still experiencing some difficulty after reading the troubleshooting guide, please do not hesitate to contact one of our qualified louvre experts on +603 3291 4885.

Powerlouvre Electrician’s Guide

Details about the Powerlouvre wiring instructions, diagrams and accessories.
Powerlouvre Electricians Guide