Residential Apartments, Replacing Old Steel Louvres

Oahu, Hawaii, United States

This project consisted of removing all old jalousies that were installed within the building and replacing them with Breezway Altair Louvers in the new ios Window System.

The product installed is a clear anodised aluminum frame with clear glass blades to provide natural light and cooling trade winds into the apartment block while maintaining beautiful views of the island and its natural surroundings.

The installation of the new Breezway Louver System allows residents to easily open and close the window without any hassles and also provides the tightest sealing so air conditioners can work more efficiently when required.
Recent testimonials were given by residents of the Kaiolu Sunrise Apartment project to Breezway in recognition of the benefits Breezway Louver Windows have brought to their home.

“Breezway Louver Windows have provided our home with tight sealing, keeping noise to a minimum and allows our air conditioning system to run more efficiently. I rate the improvements to our home as 10 out of 10.”
Lisa 5/18/10

“Breezway Louvers help keep the dust, dirt and noise out of our apartment. We open and close them often because they are so easy to use. They are attractive and substantial and we feel added value and comfort to our house! I rate the improvements to our home as 9 out of 10.”
Frances 5/18/10

“Breezway Louver Windows seal tight and reduce noise inside the home. I rate the improvements to my house as 8 out of 10. They have also reduced the need to use our air conditioning.”

Project Date – September 2013