Architect’s Open Office Environment


This architect’s office located in Kedah, Alor Setar, Malaysia combines architectural vision and creative planning with community responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Open up waiting rooms in office environments with breezway louvre windows
Make the most of natural light in office environments with Breezway louvre windows
Uninterrupted views out onto greenery from architects office
Natural ventilation in office environments using Breezway louvre windows

The innovative, yet clever design helps individuals connect with nature by bringing the outside in through the use of Breezway Louvre Windows.

Altair Louvres are incorporated into the building to assist with energy efficiency and natural airflow. As a result, this building is an inspiring and enjoyable place for all occupants to work and emphasises the importance of finding a balance between work and leisure.

Architect: Please contact Breezway Malaysia for more information.