Naturally Lit Graphitek Signmaker Corporation Office, Philippines


Graphitek Signmaker Corporation is an advertising company specialising in billboard site rental and billboard construction and maintenance. Throughout the years, Graphitek has expanded its services to large-format printing and signage fabrication and today is one of the industry leaders for outdoor advertising in the Philippines.

Keep office areas bright and airy with breezway louvre windows
Light up dark stairways with breezway louvre windows
Open up rooms in office buildings using Breezway louvre windows
Breezway louvre windows reduce the need for air conditioning in office areas

Graphitek has recently built a new office building and includes Breezway Louvre Windows into the design. By incorporating Breezway Altair Louvres with glass blades, the building opens up to make the most out of natural light and ventilation. This reduces the reliance on power-hungry air conditioning and allows individuals to connect with nature by bringing the outside in so they can maintain a comfortable, healthy working environment throughout the day.

Architectural Design:MARO \ ORTEGA Design