TINMAN HOUSE เพราะหัวใจของบ้านคือเรา with Breezway Louvre Windows

Imagine a structural steel Tinman House, like the one from Wizard of Oz, which was described by the architect as ‘a character that simply represents a humble, honest heart’ but with Breezway Louvre Windows in it.
Breezway Louvres can be angled to suit conditions
Breezway Louvres in the Tinman House
Breezway Louvres open wide for natural ventilation
Breezway Louvres provide clear uninterrupted views

Here’s one in Bangkok, Thailand designed by Junsekino Architect and Design. They used our 152mm Breezway Altair Louvres in a creative way to create natural ventilation so that the outside temperature does not affect the inside of this building.

When you have top-to-bottom louvre windows, you don’t just get the most out of the fresh air that flows into your home, but also consistent airflow that cools the indoors day and night, natural sunlight and the feel of a bigger space. This design will suit any kind of home to have full-house ventilation.

Owners: Vazzan and Dr. Kanjana Tirangkura
Designer: Junsekino Architect and Design
Co-designer: Vazzan Tirangkura